• Tanhamman

    Got a joke

    March 23, 2014 by Tanhamman

    A cow can't find his family, and what does he say?

    Where's the beef?

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  • Smart ass 22


    November 21, 2013 by Smart ass 22

    tom walk on the sreet and a sheet with the word gum on it he chuwd it hes blonde

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  • L-i-l-y 5000

    So before i start, I want you all to know this is'nt a spam, It's just a new wikia that you might love.

    Okay, now this wikia is all about creativity. Basicly you can make any storie about anything you want.It's new so it's not just done yet, but still that does'nt mean you can't make your super amazingly fantastic stories, Just  keep them clean and let  your mind flow about whatever!!! So let's say your on a fanon wikia for a show or game, but you want to make a story that has nothing to do with it, then just come to this wikia and make it how you want, just click this link and be on your way to creativity!!!=

    And everyone, please don't be shy,  we actually would love for you to m…

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  • Mace170

    Favorite Category

    January 24, 2011 by Mace170

    I would like to know what your favorite category on this wiki is. Mine would have to be either Sex, Black, or Redneck. I do not mean to be racist or intentionally sexual, but to me, these jokes just make me laugh out load. What's you favorite and why?

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