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[[File:BirthCert.jpg|thumb|300px|right|Canby's earliest found Birth Cirtificate]]
David is known in New Eden as "Canby".
"Canby" has very few meaning's within the English Language, the following will try to explain these meaning's and/or expressions.
"Canby" is described as:..
1) A measurement of age equivalent to 1'634'965 years of age(approx, due to current carbon dating it is still unknown if this age is correct, so please allow for for a further 25'000 years)
2) A type of Birth Certificate first introduced before the age of time BC.
3) A person who is known to leave his drones alone and in the middle of nowhere in New Eden.(for ref please seek: STC, Staf, Buc, Rham)
4) A God of exceeding forgiveness, which is why the original author is still alive. Bwaaaaa HHHaaaa HAAAAA!(however this is yet to be confirmed, and his "godliness" only's applies in New Eden)

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