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[[File:BirthCert.jpg|thumb|300px|right|Canby's earliest found Birth Cirtificate]]
David is known in New Eden as "Canby".
Is also a known French-Canadian (95%FR - 5%CDA)
( this is a base lie. I know about 24 french words, "hello, goodbye, yes, no", and the rest are swear words. My mother is of Irish descent, and my paternal GF was born in Nottingham. Given the way British members of the corp ride me... I ignore the English side. C.)
"Canby" has very few meaning's within the English Language(due to being French), the following will try to explain these meaning's and/or expressions based on the best translation possible.
"Canby" is described as:..
1) A measurement of age equivalent to 1'634'965 years of age(approx, due to current carbon dating it is still unknown if this age is correct, so please allow for for a further 25'000 years)
( another out and out lie. I'm ABSOLUTELY less than a million years old. well somewhat. C.)
2) A type of Birth Certificate first introduced before the age of time BC.
3) A person who is known to leave his drones alone and in the middle of nowhere in New Eden.(for ref please seek: STC, Staf, Buc, Rham).
( Sigh. you leave your drones behind a couple of times, usually to save your ship, and everyone rides you like a pony over it. C. )

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