Jokes Wiki

Jokes 1. Pedophile jokes


1. why didnt the pedophile win the footrace? he was a little behind.

2. whats the best part about fucking 28 year olds? theres 20 of them

3. how do you know if your 6 year old girl is on her period? you can taste the blood from a pedophiles dick.

4. whats long, black and looks good up a 8 year old's asshole? a black pedophile's clitoris.

5. whats blue, black and hates sex? the 8 year old in my closet.


Jokes 2. Aliurophiles


1. why did the newborn kitten lose it's virginity? cause it didn't.

2. whats black, white and fucks cats up the ass? the cat pervert across the street.

jokes 3. Plushophiles

1. what did the plushie say to the plushophile? "am I supposed to smell down there?" 

2. why dont plushies talk? he choaked on meat.

3. why dont plushies move? they cold after getting sprayed with water.

4. why did the plushie pervert cross the road? he got his dick stuck in the plushie.

5. why did the plushophile go to bulid-a-bear? cause he wanted to make a naked teddy.

6. how did the plushophile kiss the teddy? cause he wanted to mate.