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Yo mama so hairy, bigfoot was mistaken because he thought that she was his wife. OOOOOOOO

Main article: Yo Mama So Fat

everyday mench on the block, smok tris lamatos, lamatos the team goes skia ya a pa pa pa pa pa. paskiddyuppumpoom pud puddudup puddudup poom skiyayapapapapapapapapa m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m ilkYo Mama So Ugly She made one direction go the other direction

Main article: Yo Mama So Ugly

Yo Mama So Stupid when someone said it was chili out she brought a bowl

Main article: Yo Mama So Stupid

Yo Mama So Poor the birds give bread to her

Main article: Yo Mama So Poor

Yo Mama So Hairy big foot took HER picture

Main article: Yo Mama So Hairy

Yo Mama So Old her first Christmas WAS the first christmas

Main article: Yo Mama So Old

Yo mama 5 nights at freddys jokes

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